Sources of Our Cultural Heritage

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India is one of the most ancient civilizations. India is a land of many creeds, the cradle of mankind, the motherland of language, the mother of history, the grandmother of epics and the great grandmother of traditions. Our cultural heritage is ancient, vast, rich and blissful and its sources are ? four Vedas, 18 Puraanas, 108 Upanishads, the Ramayana, the Mahabharata consisting of about one lakh verses, the Agamas of the Jains, the Tripitikas of the Buddhists, the Guru Granth Sahib of the Sikh brothers and the holy words of the pious saints of different regions. As the time has passed, lack of knowledge about the same has failed to create self pride and esteem for these. Also, unfortunately, during the last few centuries, due to external attacks on the country, particularly those by the British, India has lost its capacity of guiding the world. The newly educated generation of this country today is totally unaware of the culture, traditions, philosophy and life values of this country. Source of Our Cultural Heritage will open the eyes of the people, trying to distance themselves from Hinduism. This book let them know the great commonalities. It gives valuable knowledge and information about our vast and enriched cultural heritage in very simple and lucid language. About the Author Born at the Chuda village of the Surendranagar district in Gujarat in 1950, Shri Suresh Soni belongs to a very simple family. At the tender age of sixteen, he engaged himself in various social activities. At the time of the declaration of ‘Emergency’ in India, he had to bear the brunt of the admonition by the government due to his patriotism and devotion for his motherland. During this period, he was in Indore jail.


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