Veda Mantras and Suktas


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This is a collection of mantras from Rig Veda and Yajur Veda. Some of these are chanted everyday during worship in certain houses and temples. Some others are used on special occasions like the consecration of a house, birthdays, the beginning of school etc. This collection of mantras compliments our two other books of collection of mantras namely, (i) Shanti Mantras and (ii) Rudra Mantras. Some widely used mantras like the mantra to Ganapati are in those books; hence they are not repeated in this book. As in our other books, the format in this book is designed to help the reader both in the proper chanting of the mantras and in understanding the deeper meaning of the mantras. The text of the mantra is given in both the Devanagari script and the Roman Script

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