The Tragic Story of Partition


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About the book :

This book is a comprehensive account of the events leading to the partition of Bharat.  It begins from the Wahabi movement in the 18th century , touches upon the machinations of the British in the late 19th century and then moves on to the major developments that happened from late 19th and early 20th century where the British tried their ways to drive wedges into the society through partition of Bengal . It analysis how the Swadeshi and Vandemataram movement under Lal, Bal Pal forced the British to annul the partition of Bengal.

The book throws light on the founding principles of the Muslim League, the ‘ Lal Ishtehaar’ and the Khilafat movement. The tragedy of the murder of Swami Shradhananda and the virtual capitulation of the Congress leadership under MK Gandhi into Muslim appeasement is well documented.  The cautions given by Lala Lajpat Rai, Ravindranath Tagore , CR Das,  VD Savarkar are very important. The author also invests time on how the Gandhi – Jinnah talks went off, the ‘Direct Action’ call by Jinnah , the wide spread riots, the eventual partition of Bharat. It also touches upon the unprecedented holocaust & mass migration ever known in the history of mankind. This book ought to be mandatory reading.

Appreciation for the book by Sri Sitaram Goel :

The book by Shri H.V. Seshadri is like a breath of fresh breeze. The Tragic Story of Partition  is the best study of this subject made so far. It gives us all the facts included in the earlier studies. It also takes into account many known but neglected facts. But what distinguishes it from all other studies, is its deeper probe and wider perspective in the interpretation of all facts and episodes. This remarkable book has many facets, rich in ideological implications of a far-reaching import.

The two behaviour patterns have remained intact and are still operative. That is why the Partition in 1947 cannot and should not be considered a closed chapter. Moreover, the two behaviour patterns provide the key not only to a correct understanding of the complexities of present-day politics in India, but also to an anticipation of political developments in days to come.

About the Author : 

Sri H.V.Seshadri was an excellent writer and received the Karnataka State Sahitya Akademi Award in 1982. He did Masters in Chemistry from Bangalore university. He was a Pracharak of the RSS and served as Sarkaryavaha ( General Secretary) for many years.

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