The Structure of the Universe ( Vedic Viswaroopa )


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Vedic Viswaroopa 

In this book Dr. Sri Sivananda Murty describes the Vedic conception of Bramhanda with the background of the Milky Way galaxy and presents a unified picture of the structure of the universe in a manner appealing to the modern scientific mind. (Modern Cosmology is essentially Physical Cosmology dealing with the material aspect of the Universe. Vedic Cosmology concentrates on the evolution of Jeevas and their travel through various lokas of the Bramhanda and their ultimate merger into Paramatma.)

Material found in several scriptures is presented at one place together with a rare insight resulting from his Yogic background.  This book provides backdrop for his exposition of the ‘Kathopanishad’ in his classic work ‘KathaYoga’. Several lokas are talked about, which do not find a place in the list of fourteen worlds. They are the Yamaloka, Narakas, Pitruloka and Pretaloka, Gandharvaloka, Apsarasaloka, Vasuloka, Yakshaloka, the places of Rudras and Adityas and many such realms.

The picture given in this book for these lokas nearer to earth is not found in Puranic literature. For most of the souls caught in the cycle of birth and death, the nearby realms are the obvious destinations. The discussion and the insight provided on these lokas is the main contribution of the monograph. The fact that the information comes through Yogic insight and meditation makes it very authentic.

This book is highly intellectual, informative and thought provoking. It contains 9 chapters with a foreword by Dr.David Frawley, a preview by Prof. V V S Sarma, Prologue by Dr. Pullela Srirama Chandrudu, preface by the author with an appreciation by Prof Subhash Kak and Prof Y Narahari.



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