The Sangh and Swaraj

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About the Book :

Of late, political compulsions have made communists and so-called secular parties run malicious propaganda about RSS role in independence struggle and malign its sterling record of public Service.

This book tells us that RSS was wedded to the cause of Swaraj since its inception. The founder of RSS, Dr. Hedgewar’s life and actions and the oath that swayamsevaks took clearly showed the commitment to freedom struggle. To convert this freedom into Swaraj, India required disciplined and brave spirited young men who would be dedicated to the National cause. British records clearly show that they were wary of RSS using its growing clout for Independence struggle. Movement for freedom did not end with ‘tryst with destiny’ on 15th August, 1947. There were endless dark nights in this twilight period, when RSS workers were the biggest organised force apart from security forces who put their lives to risk to salvage whatever they could, of destroyed lives of millions. It is for people of India and history to judge whether these acts of bravery were patriotic or communal.

The author highlights other factors that led to our independence and underlines that it was not result of any one agitation or action but rose slowly over a wave that had built up on the back of cultural Renaissance triggered by great spiritual leaders of Bharat.

ISBN : 978-9353222413 ; Publisher : Prabhat Prakashan ; 112 pages

About the Author :

Dr. Ratan Sharda is an IT consultant based out of Mumbai. He has authored RSS360°, Biography of Prof Rajendra Singh, Sangh & Swaraj and has written many articles in leading magazines and newspapers. He is also a TV panelist.


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