The People Versus Emergency: A Saga of Struggle


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“The Emergency”  imposed by Smt. Indira Gandhi on the midnight of June 25th 1975 upto 21st March 1977 is referred as the darkest period of Democracy in Bharat. The 21 month struggle saw over One Lakh people jailed, over 80000 satyagrahis and over 70 persons who died in custody. It was the Lok Sangharsh Samiti under the leadership of Jai Prakash Narayan which ensured that Bharat breathed freely again. The Lok Sangharsh Samiti had thousands of volunteers from the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, known as the RSS

The book, ‘ The People versus Emergency – Saga of Emergency’ has been rendered into English by Sri Sudhakar Raje.

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Some important quotes on the Emergency

The Economist on December 121976, wrote:

“The underground campaign against Mrs Gandhi claims to be the only non-left wing revolutionary force in the world, disavowing both bloodshed and class struggle. Indeed, it might even be called right wing since it is dominated by the Hindu communalist party, Jan Sangh and its ‘cultural’ (some say paramilitary) affiliate the RSS. But its platform at the moment has only one non-ideological plank; to bring democracy back to India. The ground troops of this operation (the underground movement), consist of tens of thousands of cadres who are organized to the village level into four men cells. Most of them are RSS regulars, though more and more new young recruits are coming in. The other underground parties which started out as partners in the underground have effectively abandoned the field to Jan Sangh and RSS.”

The third RSS Sarsanghchalak Sri Balasaheb Devras ( Deoras ) aptly summarised the role RSS played in this struggle against emergency. Regarding a World War II incident involving Hitler and his army it is said: One man Churchill and 20 miles of English channel stood between Hitler and his victory”. Similarly regarding emergency Devras said: One man Jai Prakash and the RSS stood between the dictatorship and democracy”.



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