The Integral Spirit of Bharat – An Eulogy – Bharat Ekatmata Stotra




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“The Integral Spirit of Bharat an Eulogy,  Bharata Ekatmata Stotra : An Explanation with Coloured Illustrations” is written by Harishchandra Barthwal. It is a highly educative book on Bharat esp with an easy read approach with coloured illustrations that will connect to the youth.

The Ekatmata Stotra is an eulogy in 33 verses of Bharat Mata. This book describes each word that is covered in those 33 verses. It encompasses a wide range within these verses beginning from the Bharatiya outlook towards the universe, the sacred geography of Bharat and then moves on to give a brief description of those great characters who have defined Bharat from the ancient past upto the mid of 20th century.

A book that must be there in every home.

ISBN :  9381500924 ; Suruchi Prakashan ; Pages : 123

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English, Hindi


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