Roses in December – Autobiography of Justice MC Chagla

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Justice M.C. Chagla forcefully put , “The French, with their sense of logic and precision, call Indians irrespective of their caste or community as Hindus. I think that is a correct description of all those who live in this country and consider it their home. In true sense, we are all Hindus although we may practise different religions. I am a Hindu because I trace my ancestry to my Aryan forefathers and I cherish the philosophy and the culture which they handed down to successive generations.  ” – as quoted by Sri K.S.Sudarshan

Reading this book is like seeing personally Indian history of the past century, so vividly has M C Chagla described the events and happenings of those turbulent years. Interesting incidents have been mentioned, the joys and the sorrows, the tiffs and the anger with other leading personalities of India struggling for freedom. Chagla played a very important role during this crucial period and his agile pen has recorded all that happened in this book which has been a best seller.

Jayaprakash Narayan has written the foreword in which he has mentioned the role Chagla played during the emergency clamped by Indira Gandhi in June, 1975. The historic speech that Chagla delivered in Ahmedabad while inaugurating the All India Civil Liberties Conference in the wake of the emergency reads ‘like Magna Carta’ according to Jayaprakash Narayan. Chagla has discussed topics like Kashmir, the presidents, prime minsters and parliament of India.

About The Author : M C Chagla :
M C Chagla was a Jurist, judge, educationist, Central Cabinet Minister and Statesman. He was also the Vice Chancellor of Bombay University and also acting Governor of Bombay. He was India’s ambassador to US and High Commissioner for India in UK.

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