Relevance of Kautilya for Today

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  • Preface by Sri S. Gurumurthy

About the Book : 

There aren’t many books dealing with Kautilya’s Arthashastra which makes Prof. Narayanacharya’s work worthy of a good deal of attention. There are in all ten chapters, each one dealing with one specific subject. Beginning with a definition of artha and the relationship between dharma, artha and the state craft bound by dharma, Prof. Narayanacharya deals with the concept of state, justification for the evolution of professional guilds, secularism in the Kautilyan set-up, miscellaneous applications of the Kautilyan principles for todays life, espionage and military matters, the use of magic and occult practices and even wonders whether the measures advocated by Kautilya are actually practicable now.

Undoubtedly, Kautilya it was who, for the first time, endeavoured to re-interpret and re-orient the Indian perspective of power so as to make it capable of handling the barbaric warfare model of the Hellenistic and Abrahamic civilisations.  Perhaps, as Gurumurthy ji notes, with the experience gained by the invasion of the Greeks Army led by Alexander, Chanakya could foresee the need for the Hindu civilisation intrinsically bound by the rules and norms of dharma, to modulate their war methods and internalise newer ideas and norms.

Publisher : Sahitya Prakashana ; Pages 208 ;


About the Author : 

Dr. K.S. Narayanacharya’ was born  in a family of Vedic scholars. He was educated at Mysore, (Maharaja’s College and Yuvaraja’s College), earning a BSc (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics), B.A. (Honours) English, and M.A. (Modern English Literature).  Dr KSN is an erudite scholar whose main thrust is towards Nationalism, presented through the eyes of the epics.


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