Partition-days: The fiery Saga of RSS ( HB)

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Inspiring incidents of sacrifice of RSS Swayamsevaks during partition days.

Background :

In the year 1971, K. Narendra, Editor ‘Vir Arjun’ Visited Rajouri (Jammu) to participate in the birth celebrations of Veer Banda. There he learnt that at the time of the partition of the country not only had local Sangh Swayamsevaks shown unparalleled courage and spirit of sacrifice but hundreds of local women had immolated themselves for the sake of their honor. On his return he wrote in anguish, “It is the country’s misfortune that those in power today have made dastardly attempts to hide these events from our countrymen. In the name of secularism these facts are being covered up and new history concocted to mislead the people.”

The writers of this book , Sri Manik Chandra Vajpayee and Sri Sridhar attempted to bring it to light the history written in blood blood of patriotic Swayamsevaks, valorous women, and brave Jawans. This record glows with the ‘Jauhar’  of countless Padminis. This book is a treasure house of events of unparalleled courage, self sacrifice and service to humanity.  The book is rendered into English by Sri Sudhakar Raje.

The book runs into 640 pages and is priced at only Rs.220/- ( Hard bound ) ; Special price till it goes for re-print.


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