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About the Book :

Scholarly yet accessible, and offering a wealth of information on an uncharted territory, India
Uninc. is a must-read for anybody who aspires to understand the Indian economy —as well as India

While the nation’s newspapers, journals, business magazines, TV channels and the internet continue
to churn out reams, airtime and gigabytes of  information about India’s business houses—
India Inc.—in this one-of-its kind book, Prof. R. Vaidyanathan delves deep into India Uninc. and
presents a persuasive case for why the latter is really what is at the heart of our economy, and
why any growth story about India is incomplete if that real engine of our growth is ignored.
The author argues that the real India story, over  generations, lies with the many proprietorship
and partnership firms, small manufacturing units,  kirana stores, single entrepreneurs and household
enterprises. That they are being finally given their due, in this important study, is the result of
many years of cutting-edge research, which lays bare the lopsided viewpoints of policy-makers
and ‘experts’, and urges a broader vision of the country’s economy. The small entrepreneur says
Prof. Vaidyanathan, should prevail over crony capitalism.

ISBN: 978-93-83260-56-0 ; 372 pages

About the Author:

Prof. R. Vaidyanathan has been teaching at IIM,  Bangalore for close to three decades. Immensely
popular with his students, he is also on the boards of several corporates. He is a member of
committees of regulatory bodies such as the SEBI, RBI, IRDA and PFRDA, and is a regular commentator
on economic matters in the nation’s leading newspapers


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