INDIA – Mother of Us All


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About the Book : 

This book is an attempt to convey in words a faint reflection of the beauty and the splendor that was Bharat Mata during the last fifty centuries. Every page of the book breathes the fragrance that was India.  The reader will feel proud to learn that India is worshipped as mother by thinkers, scholars and historians of East and West.

This book serves as an inspiring primer of patriotism. There was a time when India had cultural relations with the whole of South-East Asian for fourteen centuries and Hindu and Buddhist pioneers carried the torch of religion and culture to far off South America, Mexico, Guatemala, Japan, China, Korea, Philippines in the east and to many a nation in the west including Ireland. The story of India’s imprints on the countries of Asia, Europe and America is full of inspiration.

ISBN : 978-93-86199-85-0 ; Pages 226;


1) Rabindranath Tagore
2) Swami Vivekananda
3) Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru
4) Mrs. Annie Besant
5) Sri Aurobindo

1. Punya Bhoomi Bharat
2. Our Common Heritage
3. India-Mother of Us All
4. Fundamental Unity of India
5. Foreign Historians’ Tributes
6. Sailors of Sixty Centuries
7. World’s Richest Country
8. Mother of Sciences
9. Sanskrit: Mother of Languages
10. Who Discovered America?
11. Indian Rulers of America
12. Hindu Gods in America
13. Hindu Gods in Japan
14. Teachers of China
15. Imprints on the West
16. Ireland of the Aryans
17. Our old Friends
18. Aryan-Land of Aryans
19. Indonesia-Land of Garuda
20. Vishal Bharat (Greater India)
21. Kashmir to Kanyakumari
22. Plato in India

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