Essays in Philosophy and Yoga

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Essays in Philosophy and Yoga consists of short works in prose written by Sri Aurobindo between 1909 and 1950 and published during his lifetime, deals primarily with aspects of spiritual philosophy and yoga. Arranged chronologically and by original place of publication, the volume begins with essays from the Karmayogin, followed by the early work The Yoga and Its Objects. The third part contains writings from the Arya, including essays on Heraclitus, evolution, rebirth, and karma, and other pieces such as the summaries or “arguments” which preceded fifteen chapters of The Life Divine when it was originally serialised. The fourth part is a long essay published in 1920 in The Standard Bearer. The book concludes with the series of essays on the supramental manifestation written in 1949–50. Most of the works in this volume were formerly published together under the title The Supramental Manifestation and Other Writings.

ISBN : 978-81-7058-974-7; Pages 604 ; Sri Aurobindo Ashram Publication


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