Education System in India – A reappraisal


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About the Book :

The book “Education System in India”  by Dr. Sri Sivananda Murty is an analytical, thought provoking and inspiring work to enlighten us. The author has rightly remarked that there was no class of so called ‘educationists’ in older times. He says that the knowledge of empirical sciences etc belongs to the people in general and the seeker of the learning enjoyed full freedom. Illustrating the relevant events and facts from the epics and puranas, he has clarified the doubts of the modern critics who argue that the ancient system was pre judicial. He further quotes that the common man in ancient times  was very well aware of the general knowledge with regard to social, ethical behavior, his professional or occupational duties and responsibilities, love for his land, people, religion, puranic history and  culture, basic knowledge of times and claims etc. He summarizes in detail a graphic account of the rise and decline of the Hindu education system which reigned for millennia till the invasion of the Muslims from where its downtrend started leading ultimately to its disappearance during the British rule. Though the British were amazed at the richness of Indian traditional knowledge, the policy makers realized that they should be cautious while highlighting the achievements of ancient India lest that their colonial interests might be jeopardized. Guruji summarized that “Our present primary and secondary education in the hands of Government is a farce and in the hands of business is a luxury. Gross injustice to the poor in this field is evident while the commercial education is characterless. The current boom in the professional education like Medicine and Engineering presents a euphoria which may not last long.”

Finally the author proposes to restructure the present Education system from primary to university level, educating all the children in uniform national boarding schools with a well designed national curriculum to make them world citizens with impeccable Indian character and upbringing must necessarily include thoroughness in Mother tongue, respect for tradition and willingness to practice religion. This would mould one’s character as Indian and then he can be exposed to any kind of education in the world without losing one’s own moorings.


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